The Cathouse, a house for cool cats

The Cathouse will return as a hangout for humans and cats. A friendly place to raise your favorite drink and just hang out with cool cats and friends

We are currently exploring the options - possibly some message boards, something cool and interesting and satisfying curiosity!

Please check back and we play around and see what the next stage for the Cathouse looks like

The Cathouse is evocative of a cozy, welcoming space where people can gather and create lasting memories. The go-to destination for all things related to community building, networking, or simply sharing your passion with others who share it.

Cathouse has always been welcoming to all genders and personalities and will always continue to be so

Come relax and play at the Cathouse

ETA mid 2024...

Update: May 2024 - well we thought we had a good program running, groups, chat, video chat. But some technical limitations means more delays. Sorry about that. Cathouse still working hard behind the scenes.

Update: Mar 2024 - progress. Cathouse chat, cathouse message boards... continued testing of systems

Update: Feb 2024 - things are moving along nicely, bit slower than we'd like but still moving. Testing out various software packages so that we can offer the best Cathouse ever

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some stories while we are working

Cathouse adventures with Whiskers

Story about Tom the Cat who lives in the cathouse

background scene of cathouse bar

thank you